Intercom Gulf

IG was established in 1994 specifically to look after the local market’s ever increasing demand for communications, security & consumer electronics systems and services. IG has exclusive representation of many high end products and solution-based systems to suit every aspect of clients’ requirements and needs.

Intercom Gulf has a dedicated team of professionals looking after clients’ solution-based requirements. Intercom Gulf has exclusive representation of many high end products and solution-based systems to suit every aspect of our clients’ requirements and needs. Our team of technical sales and service experts are trained to provide the highest level of service in the following fields.


Door Entryway and Access Systems

Siedle is one of the leading manufacturers of communication technology for buildings in Germany and Europe. The traditional family company makes all the necessary products for communication in and around the house. And has done for more than 250 years, in the same location, with uncompromising quality and prize-winning design

Security and Surveillance Systems

Real time Data, Voice and video transaction through LAN, WAN or Intranet has become essential part of our life and visualization of key information is one of highly demanding market requirements. Real time video in life and peace of mind are core part of philosophy which are to be accomplished through Seyeon products.

High Quality CCTV systems

OFK Technologies Co., Ltd is one of the leading providers of High Quality CCTV systems and solutions in China. Based on the plentiful experience on CCTV field, we have developed a wide range of Camera & DVR ; Now OFK is dedicated to developing IP Video imaging technology to deliver complete Video over IP integrated solutions for customer’s requirements and satisfactions.

Global Mobile Satellite and Radio Communication

Thrane & Thrane is the world’s leading manufacturer of terminals and land earth stations for global mobile satellite and radio communication. The company is founded in 1981 and has since established a strong position within global mobile satellite services based on the Inmarsat Systems.